Why choose Champion Boxing & Fitness?

There’s getting fit, and then there’s getting fit. To go beyond it all and break past your own limiters. Go beyond just living and thrive! Champion Boxing & Fitness offers you not just fitness classes, but more unique ways to get fit. To help you understand that getting fit is a fight. Remember that fight of life you deal with every single day? Well, here at Champion Boxing & Fitness you learn to fight. And through the fight, discipline yourself to become a champion, because yes! It’s possible.

Professional Quality Coaches

Our coaches sport some impressive resumes. WBA World Champion WIlliam Joppy, Alexandru Marin the IBO Inter-Continental Champion, Coach Bruce Babashan, a world championship pro boxing coach. These professionals and many more are here to teach you!

Largest Boxing Gym in the Area

Worried about not having a spot? We have 30 heavy bags for your use and plenty of space. There's a place for you here!

Beginner Friendly

No experience? No problem. We'll get you going from the ground up. From beginner to advanced, you can be a champion.

Not Just a Number

You are not just a number here at this gym. You get to build that personal connection with your trainer. Because we know more than anything: you're champion material.

Clean Facility

Trying to avoid that musky gym smell? We're on it, we're here to give you that full clean gym experience. Our facilities are professionally cleaned daily, with rubber mat flooring for a more sanitary workout.

Convenient Location

Located on Rockville Pike Right next to the White Flint Metro Station. Free parking that is easily accessible.

How You Can Get Started

What's First?

To get started, it's simple, just sign up for a free class to get that chance to just see the gym. Our staff will make sure you're welcome here.

Get Started

You've signed up for your free class that fits your schedule! Now all you have to do is just go! Enjoy the class and see the difference compared to any other gym.

Enjoyed the Stay?

You just took your class, enjoyed it? Sign up for a subscription, then ANY class you want is included in the subscription.

You're a Member!

Now that you're on the in? Just keep coming, find the classes you like via our schedule on the website and go whenever you can! Experience the change as you go from norm to Champion.
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Meet Our Staff

There's no better people to help you get started at Champion Boxing & Fitness than our front desk crew

General Manager of the Champion Boxing & Fitness gym.
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