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About Alex

Alexandru (Alex) Marin is 25 years old. Alex came to the USA five years ago with the dream of becoming the world champion. Since then Alex has worked, sacrificed and struggle to make his dream a reality. Today Alex is ranked among the best fighters in the world a will get his world title shot sometime in mid 2019. Alex grew up from humble beginning in the town of IAIS Romania where he lived with his parents and 3 siblings. Alex was sent to the local boxing gym by his parents with the hope he could find some discipline and motivation. Alex was a natural at boxing and soon started competing and dominating the local competing. Over time Alex continued to progress and eventually became the Romanian National Champions two times. It was Alex’s dream to come to the USA a become a professional and compete for a world title.

World ranking
  • #4 IBF
  • #2 IBO
  • #10 WBO
  • IBO (International Boxing Organization): International Champion
  • IBO (International Boxing Organization): Intercontinental Champion
  • IBF International Boxing Federation: Intercontinental Champion
  • Record: 165-10
  • 2 X Romanina National Champion

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