Why A Heart Monitor

Dr. H. James Harrington said, ” Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement.  If you can’t understand it, you can’t improve it.  if you can’t control it, you can’t improve it”. Most people know what a heart rate monitor does, but, do not know why it is important.  A heart […]


How to Enhance Physical Mobility as A Senior

There is always an excuse to be sedentary. However, for the estimated 46 million elderly people in the US who are aged 65 years and above, physical activity is very important for healthy aging and to increase mobility & functioning. The benefits of exercise or physical movement are enormous, including improvements in cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular […]

The Thermic Effect of Food

We burn energy (calories) when we metabolize the food we eat.  In other words, it takes energy to digest, absorb and process the nutrients we consume, and this is the “Thermic Effect of Food”. The thermic effect of the different macronutrients are as follows: Fat   2%-3% Carbs   6%-8% Protein   25-30% The precise thermic effect varies,but […]


Fruits and Vegetables

A recent study by the Imperial College London reports that two-thirds of English citizens have a hard time consuming three to four portions of fruits and vegetables a day. For years it has been recommended we consume five portions a day to lower the risk of stroke by 18%, heart disease by 16%, cardiovascular disease […]


Pulled Muscles

The most common sports injuries are injuries to your muscles, tendons and/or ligaments.  These soft tissue injuries can be either an acute injury or a chronic injury.  An acute injury is an injury that occurs at a specific and identifiable time, and if not treated properly, can become a chronic injury. A chronic injury is […]


Breathing While Exercising

Proper breathing while exercising is extremely important. Breathing is how we supply our cells, tissues and organs with oxygen. With proper breathing we help: * Lower blood pressure; * Reduce stress by decreasing stress hormones and increasing the mood enhancing hormone, serotonin; * Enhance athletic performance; * Improve brain function and focus. When we inhale, […]

Creating the Workout Habit

Almost everyone would love to create the “Workout Habit” and live a healthy lifestyle. The hard part is creating the habit and making it part of your daily lifestyle. Following are steps you can take to help you make workouts part of your daily routine. * The first steps to take are to make your workouts part of […]



With the holidays upon us, all of us will be challenged to not overeat and gain unwanted weight. Here are some healthy eating habits you should keep in mind during the holidays and beyond. The most important habit to create in order to lose or maintain weight is to eat “real food”. Your body naturally […]

Jumping Jack

Why Warm Up?

Ten reasons to warm up before your workout: It helps you mentally prepare for the workout ahead; The increased blood flow to your muscles and connective tissues will increase their elasticity, leading to better performance and helping reduce the chances of injury; Raises your body temperature, reducing the chances of injury to your muscles and connective tissues; […]