With the holidays upon us, all of us will be challenged to not overeat and gain unwanted weight. Here are some healthy eating habits you should keep in mind during the holidays and beyond. The most important habit to create in order to lose or maintain weight is to eat “real food”. Your body naturally […]

Jumping Jack

Why Warm Up?

Ten reasons to warm up before your workout: It helps you mentally prepare for the workout ahead; The increased blood flow to your muscles and connective tissues will increase their elasticity, leading to better performance and helping reduce the chances of injury; Raises your body temperature, reducing the chances of injury to your muscles and connective tissues; […]


The Best Overall Workout

Boxing/Kickboxing is one of the most effective forms of exercise for getting and staying in shape.  With a boxing/kickboxing workout you are honing your athletic skills and having fun.  You will experience increased physical strength, speed and quickness, agility, hand-eye coordination, endurance and power while your self-esteem grows as you become more disciplined and confident. Cardio boxing/kickboxing is a form of […]


The Importance of Staying Hydrated While Exercising

Staying hydrated while exercising helps increase your endurance and fight fatigue.   Your muscles contain approximately 75% water.  Not being properly hydrated will lead to muscle fatigue and/or muscle cramps and not enough water will also cause you to suffer from a loss of strength, power, and cardio endurance.  Additionally, without enough water you will experience a drop in blood volume, […]


Why Protein is Good for Weight Loss?

A high protein diet can boost a hunger suppressing hormone called PPY, helping you “feel full” longer. Protein consumed with carbohydrates will slow down the absorption of sugar into your bloodstream which will stop your blood sugar from spiking and help cut-down future cravings. Protein has a higher thermal effect than carbohydrates or fats.  In other words, […]


Avoid the Summer Quitter in Your Head

At Champions, we train to be winners and to push ourselves.  We know not to give up but summer brings unique temptations with vacations, summer time schedules and parties. Keep your goals in the fore front and make a plan for the summer to be consistent with your workouts and healthy habits. You will actually […]

Bruce Babashan

Injured? Tips for a Quicker Recovery.

Whenever you participate in a rigorous exercise program, such as boxing, you can count on getting a few muscle strains and some bumps and bruises along the way.  Here are some tips on taking care of yourself that will help you stay on track. If and when you sustain a small injury remember the letters I.C.E. […]

Bruce Babashan

Breathing Technique

A lot of our members ask me about proper breathing technique during training. Breathing is not something you need to worry about preset…trust me, your body will tell you when its time to breath and there is no real secret to it…even in boxing.  On the other hand there are breathing techniques that can be […]