Muay Thai / Kickboxing Team

Don’t let the perception of a “Kickboxing Team” scare you away. Our Glory/Thai Rules Kickboxing team consists of members interested in physical conditioning and learning the skills for self-defense, as well as those interested in competing in tournaments. In our program the levels of accomplishment are recognized with different color armbands as you progress through Coach Vasili’s training system. Whether or not you are looking to compete there is a high level of physical conditioning with the skills being taught through repetition using kick pads, mitts, light contact drills, and sparring at the more advanced levels. Our Lethwei Kickboxing team compete in Muay Thai and Glory Rules competitions utilizing Burmese Kick boxing, also known as Lethwei, pronounced “Let-way”.


Our MMA workout is designed for competitors, but can be used by non-competitors as well. We know that for this cage fighting sport, fitness is a must, especially if you want to win. Through multiple exercise routines combining Burmese Boxing, Wrestling, and Boxing you will increase your cardio, power and strength as you work in and against the cage. Your self-image and confidence will increase as you work your way through each tough one hour class.

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