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“Champion Boxing and Fitness is by far the best gym and dojo I have ever seen. I’ve made life long friends, had life long memories, made and achieved more than I ever thought I could at 42!”

Rino S.
Jenna H.

“I have really enjoyed the gym so far. Everyone here is very helpful, welcoming and supportive. The additional classes have definitely been helpful. I would recommend joining!”

Jenna H.
Aziza J.

“Since joining Champion in November I’ve seen great results. I’ve lost 10 pounds and many inches including a lowered body weight percentage. I’m pleased with all aspects of my membership. I’m telling all my friends about my results and hopefully they’ve noticed my hard work.”

Aziza J.
Angie S.

“The best part of my day starts when I walk through the doors of Champion.  After being greeted by the friendliest imaginable front desk staff and chatting with some of my new fitness friends while I wrap-up my hands, I start a workout like no other—fun, intense, and empowering.  I actually started working out at Champion because I was horribly bored with the same old gym scene that I could barely tolerate the thought of one more mind-numbing workout.  After 6 months atChampion, though, I’ve never had that problem. I can’t wait for that day’s boxing fitness class or private lessons with one of their competitive fighters.  I’ve lost 30 pounds since joining, because having a workout that’s challenging and enjoyable makes all the difference!

One of the most striking differences between Champion Boxing and other gyms that I’ve used is the ownership. They are remarkably attentive to members’ requests and suggestions, and they’ll go above and beyond to ensure the cleanest and most welcoming gym environment.  The owners, staff, and professional trainers have all made the gym the best that I’ve ever experienced, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a unique workout to improve their physical stamina and conditioning.”

Angie S.
“Since joining Champion in 2012 I have increased my stamina, lost and kept off about 12 pounds and made friendships I wouldn’t trade for the world. The classes push you harder than you would push yourself in a regular chain gym but they’re kept intimate enough that the instructors work with you one-on-one and know and greet most of the regulars by name.
The workouts are not what I would call easy, but they always give me a sense of accomplishment that lasts about 24 hours. Plus the results cannot be argued with. Yes, you still have to have discipline with your diet the other 23 hours of the day; no amount of sweating in a 60-minute kickboxing class is going to wipe out the calories from routine bad nutritional habits. You have to want to change, but Champion provides the best foundation for that change I have found. The gym and its wonderful instructors have helped me with appearance and athletic goals I would likely not have achieved on my own. I’m a member for life.”

“It’s been 2½ years now since I was desperately searching for the perfect place where I could continue with my boxing classes and be part of an elite fitness program that would not only meet my needs but also challenge me to push beyond my physical and mental limits.  My search ended when I entered Champion Boxing & Fitness. Champion has a friendly, inviting, and familial atmosphere; staff always have a smile and are ready to assist you in any way; the instructors are experts – each offering a different style and unique flair to their classes; the schedule caters to everyone; the facility is clean, well-equipped, and an exciting place to be; additional programs are available for those who want to take boxing and fitness to another level. If you’re a true boxing, kickboxing, and fitness enthusiast, ready to take on the challenge of each workout, then Champion Boxing & Fitness is for you too! You’ll leave each workout experience feeling like a true CHAMPION!!”


I love Champions and their family atmosphere. All of the trainers are amazing and train you for anything.

Candice B.

Champion Boxing is the best workout I have ever done. I’ve been a part of other boxing gyms in the past, but Champion Boxing is by far the best. It has toned my body, increased my strength and helped me reach my fitness goals. I highly recommend it to any one looking for a challenging, yet fun, workout.

Vesna H.

I have been a member for 7 months, but I feel very comfortable here. The schedule works well for me; the instructors are all qualified and keep the classes motivated. All in all, a great place to be.

Matthew C.

BEST GYM EVER! I’ve lost 40lbs in a year. You can’t get a better cardio workout in an hour, then the fitness classes at Champion.

Matthew C.

A great gym that has a family orientation combined with: (1) Casual atmosphere, always a smile. (2) Superior trainers (welcoming, knowledgeable, diverse routines- never the same) (3) Multi disciplines – boxing training elements, kickboxing elements, cardio and body weight training, weight training. (4) Formal training available in: boxing, Muay Thai, self-defense.

Mike T.

Best & toughest workouts!! I was hooked on Day 1 of my boxing classes with Guy. It’s now been over a year & I’m still addicted. ….never felt better!

Gigi P.

I was a former diehard fan of another gym and after being a member there for 2 year and not getting the results I wanted, I decided to step-up my workout routine by joining a boxing gym. BEST DECISION EVER!! I’m already seeing those results I wanted after just 2 months. Plus the instructors and trainers are so knowledgeable and the staff is so friendly. I definitely found my new house at Champions!!

Shannon L.

I joined Champion boxing back in 2013 and loved the place so much am still here! Before joining Champion Boxing I had belonged to another boxing gym, and upon my initial visit noticed that this place was nothing like the other. The staff at the front desk is friendly and welcoming. They remember you by name and make you feel as if you are home, truly a difference when you had to drag yourself to the gym that day. Every single instructor at this gym takes pride in their classes. They are always prepared with combinations and burnouts to get your heart rate up in between rounds. They make sure to mix up each class to avoid making the workout repetitive or boring, a problem I have often had with other gyms. With such classes you will begin to notice results within the first few weeks. Now being with the gym almost two years, I can say that Champion has helped me become faster, stronger and gain more confidence. My husband, who normally is a runner, even saw how much I actually enjoy coming to the gym here and joined about a year ago as well! I would highly recommend this place to any family or friend.

Megan D.

I’ve enjoyed being a part of this gym for almost 2 years now. The trainers are great and all of the employees in general are helpful and friendly. Overall, great service.

Gustavo A.

Joining Champion Boxing & Fitness was the best decision I ever made for myself! I came in unhappy with my fitness level and looking for a place to get a full-body workout. Champion is all that and more! The classes are fast, intense, and leave me feeling stronger and more fit than when I came in. The instructors are energetic and care about you, and I am always greeted with a smile (and by name!). I LOVE Champions!!

Amy J.

My husband and I joined Champion Boxing & Fitness 2 months after moving to the area. We were members of an elite gym in NC with a great atmosphere and people, which we didn’t believe we could find again. Champion Boxing & Fitness has proved us wrong. Each instructor has a unique way of teaching their class and offers us a variety of workouts in a week. The variety in workouts and instructors is nice since we go 4-6 days a week it does not get too repetitive or boring. Some classes are more technical than others and some are non stop, but each provides a great workout. We were beginners to boxing, but now are feeling more confident in our moves thanks to the great instructors. I’ve never felt judged or embarrassed by my skill level, which is great when you are learning something new. I definitely recommend joining Champion Boxing & Fitness even if it’s just for a release at the end of a work day.

Lauren S.

My wife and I look forward to every workout at Champion – we have a ton of fun in class and always leave feeling great. I have been to classes with every instructor now and they are all excellent – each has a slightly different style, and that variety keeps the workouts interesting. I really enjoy the technique and skill involved with boxing/kickboxing, so that aspect of the gym is great, but I have also noticed a major improvement in my cardio endurance that has carried over to my main sports (running and cycling). If you want an intense workout that really utilizes your time well, I definitely recommend Champion.

Jim S.

I walked in 2 years ago – middle aged mom, total beginner – looking for a good workout. Now, I’m in great shape & training for my 3rd “member fight night.” That’s what Champion did for me.

Stephanie H.

I went to champions boxing and I learned A LOT from it and I can’t wait wait to go back.


Trainers and staff are first rate and are extremely personable. The gym is locally owned so everyone feels a “family” vibe. I have been at the gym for over 3 1/2 years and cannot imagine giving up the close ties and friendships developed with the staff. This is truly a special place without pretension. The gym’s focus is to challenge you so be prepared to push yourself and sweat like no other workout.