The Practical Way to Stay Fit: Boxing

Why Boxing Is One Of The Best Ways To Work Out

Keeping fit is essential, which is why finding a way to make it more engaging or fun is important. Boxing is a world famous sport, but it also serves as a practical way to work out and stay fit. By practicing boxing in a fitness gym, you can hit the sandbags and practice with mitts that allow you to feel the thrill that comes with being inside the squared circle, without the risk of head injury.

What It Shares With Other Workouts

Fitness boxing starts with the basics of ordinary boxing. You perform traditional stamina building exercises like running and weightlifting that are meant to build endurance. In this way, you’re already given the incentive to perform regular exercises necessary to a normal workout routine, but with the added motivation that comes with knowing you’re training for the more unique workouts that come with boxing training later.

Once you’re done with your running or sprinting drills and head back to the gym, the most common next step is to work with either a trainer using punching mitts or a sandbag. These drills require more than simple speed or strength. Instead, they encourage you to practice timing and pattern recognition as you work out, which can increase hand-eye coordination and overall reflex. Plus, hitting mitts allows you to work out with others to generate a sense of community.

Learning The Motions

These drills also have a dual nature, as they serve to teach you the punching and swinging motions of professional boxers. Many exercises can be used to teach you important self-defense techniques. But fitness boxing allows you to exercise properly while learning not only the sport of boxing but also how to protect yourself and others under threat of physical violence in an emergency.

It’s Less Aggressive Than You Think 

Doing this inside of a gym or fitness center with trainers also allows you to avoid the most dangerous part of boxing; the part where someone hits you back! Though sparring inside of a ring with practice gloves is always an option, professionals usually spar to learn the punching patterns of their opponents and practice dodging or guarding against specific timing.

Practicing with a punching bag still teaches you to strike properly, and provides a full body workout that requires learning careful footwork and deftly placed punches. But the risk of concussion or head trauma is minimized since no one is swinging back. Real boxers practice defense because their opponents have to follow the rules in their bouts. Learning to bob and weave is less useful in a real-life scenario, where attackers are more than capable of fighting dirty.

Boxing can be many things depending on who uses it. It can be a sport and profession for some, while for others it can serve as a way to learn self-defense to protect themselves in a worst-case scenario. But it’s also a way to stay fit and keep your body in shape without the need to ever throw a punch at a real person. That’s why learning to box can help to fulfill your fitness needs, no matter what they are.

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