The Fundamentals of Boxing

The Fundamentals of Boxing

The most highly conditioned athletes in the world are professional boxers because their sport demands that they be in supreme physical condition. When a boxer is in the ring with their opponent, they have no place to hide and any conditioning weakness they have will be exposed for all the world to see during the bout.

Very few of us aspire to become a professional boxer, or for that matter, an amateur boxer.  However, that does not mean you cannot utilizing the fundamentals of boxing. Boxing training is high-intensity interval training  (HITT), providing you with the exercise of sustained intensity, followed by easier “rest” periods. During your boxing session, you will improve your hand-eye coordination as you learn how to defend yourself.  Most people do not stick with an exercise program because they find forms of exercise such as running or lifting weights boring and feel as if they are going to a job. This is not true of a boxing workout.  You are learning a skill!

Along with learning a useful skill, you are getting a calorie – burning, complete body workout of all your muscle groups. The workout is aerobic and anaerobic, benefiting your cardiovascular system, while toning and building your muscles.  You will also find that hitting a bag is a great way to relieve stress.  Another great thing about a boxing workout… anyone can do it!!

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