How to Increase Your Hand Speed

Hand speed is very important in most sports, especially in boxing. Following are three drills that should be incorporated into your upper body workout at least twice a week to get quicker hands. As your strength and endurance increases, do not be afraid to increase the length of time for each exercise.

1. Sideways Hand Drill

In the push-up position, with your hands under your shoulders, center your hands midway down a 45 lb. plate and to the left of the plate by a couple inches.

Begin by lightly touching the plate with your right hand and then your left hand one time each, as you move across and over the plate.

Both hands should now be on the ground to the right of the plate and you should be in a push-up position. Without hesitating repeat the exercise in the opposite direction and continue the same.

Perform three sets of the exercise for seven to ten seconds.

2. In and Out Hand Drill

Begin in the push-up position with the 45 lb. plate centered between your hands.

With both hands at the same time, lightly touch the plate and return to your starting position.

Your hands should touch both the plate and the ground at the same time.

Perform three sets of the exercise for seven to ten seconds.

3. Alternating Hand Drill

In the push-up position and a 45 lb. plate a couple inches in front of you, lightly touch the plate with alternating hands as quickly as possible,  returning each hand to your starting position.

Perform three sets of ten for seven to ten seconds.


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