Class details


Basic Programming for Montgomery County Schools


Program length: The program lasts between 8 weeks and 3 months based on the Montgomery County School requests.

  • Cycle 1 – Sports conditioning
  • Cycle 2 – Exercise and Leadership
  • Cycle 3 – Basic boxing based skill and fitness
  • Total 24 weeks

The program design

The sports fitness and basic boxing program is a program of boxing classes for kids offered to public middle and high-schools throughout Montgomery County, Maryland.

The program is designed to be a fun, educational and to promote healthy living, self- confidence and leadership to all participants.


“Our program uses the latest sports science in fitness, nutrition and conditioning. The program also uses drills based on non-contact boxing movements and skills to convey these activities. Boxing was chosen specifically because beta tests show children responded best to themed workouts which allow teachers to provide training and activities in an exciting and interesting format. The program also offers participants opportunities where they not only participate in the program but also teach and lead their fellow students.

Under the watchful eye of our trained instructors, students will participate in drills and activities that promote: balance, footwear, hand-eye coordination, speed, power, muscular and cardio endurance, critical decision making, reaction time, leadership and service.

Sample class description

Each session is broken into a warm-up, conditioning, skill development and cool down section. In addition, each day will be themed with a specific leadership ad character trait to be emphasized and promoted that day.

Daily program elements

  • Basic fitness and conditioning training
    • Sports conditioning exercise
    • Upper and lower body overall strength development drills
    • Hand-eye coordination drills
    • Foot speed and coordination drills
    • Reaction time development drills
  • Sports specific boxing skill development (non-contact):
    • Basic footwork
    • Basic punch type(s) and technique
    • Basic defense
    • Basic ring movement and strategy
    • General boxing knowledge
  • Basic weight control and nutritional education discussion
    • Handouts
      • US-Government guidelines
    • Suggestion and resources
  • Leadership and character development education and experiential opportunities
  • Daily/weekly themes
    • Perseverance
    • Respect
    • Responsibility
    • Sacrifice
    • Service
    • Honor
    • Team Work


Middle-school and high-school students with little or no previous boxing experience and/or students in the school system wanting constructive activities. Any student who wants to learn the basics of boxing, get in shape and learn sports nutrition. Our boxing classes for kids are open to any age or level.


After School Program


The program runs from 4 weeks to 24 weeks with a new class beginning as requested by program leadership. The class is limited to 15 participants per class.


This is a 100% non-contact program, however, elements of competition will be introduced during our boxing classes for kids to make the sessions more fun and exciting for participants.

Required equipment: Hand wraps, pair of gloves and a mouthpiece. Recommended: Boxing Shoes.