The Muscle Building Rules For Naturally Skinny Guys

The Muscle Building Rules For Naturally Skinny Guys

Genetically skinny guys can sometimes have a really hard time when trying to gain weight and muscle. However, success in boxing is also directly correlated to muscle mass. More muscle mass equals more force behind your punch. Even though building muscle mass shouldn’t be the sole objective of a training program, as many elements are necessary to be a successful boxer, there are some tips you can follow to build muscle and make working out a habit.

The Importance of Weight Training

In order to build muscle, it’s necessary to weight train three days per week, with a 48-hour rest and recovery period in between sessions. In this case, it is counterproductive to train every day; rather, less is more. Weight training will stimulate muscle growth but, in order to grow, your muscles also need time to repair. Giving your muscles time to repair will also allow them to add new muscle mass, and this only happens when you are resting. Naturally thin individuals tend to require more rest and less training than others who gain muscle more easily.

Up Your Calorie Intake

Muscle gain is also achieved by consuming more calories every day. However, it is necessary to consume healthy calories, packed with nutrients which come from protein, vitamins, minerals and whole grain carbohydrates. Aim to eat roughly once every three hours which translates to about 6 meals every day; your meals should ideally contain one source of protein and be quite substantial, in order to get you through your training program and to meet your energy needs.  After workouts, it is best to consume carbohydrates as they create a raise in isnulin levels, effectively slowing down the rate at which protein is broken down. This, in turn, will help you rebuild muscle faster. 

Use Protein Supplements

Protein shakes can be a good way to consume more calories needed for muscle building. They give you a quick way to consume muscle-building compounds and are easy to take with you and consume. Take the protein shakes 30 to 60 minutes before working out, as they are easily absorbed and maximise your weight training. 

Embrace the Advantage of Being Naturally Thin

Although a thin boxer may not be particularly intimidating upon entering the ring, there are certain advantages to this body type. Thin boxers are usually faster and much agiler, and therefore manage to avoid damaging punches. This can create a frustrating and tiring situation for the opponent, which will allow you to take control of the fight and dictate the rules. 

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