Why Is Eating Fruits and Vegetables Important

Why Is Eating Fruits and Vegetables Important

A recent study by the Imperial College London reports that two-thirds of English citizens have a hard time consuming three to four portions of fruits and vegetables a day. For years it has been recommended we consume five portions a day to lower the risk of stroke by 18%, heart disease by 16%, cardiovascular disease by 13%, cancer by 4% , and an overall risk of an early death by 15%. But why is eating fruits and vegetables important?

The study shows we should be eating platefuls of fruits and vegetables; if five portions are good, ten portions are better. Dr. Darin, the lead author of the research from the School of Public Health at Imperial states,” We wanted to investigate how much fruits and vegetables you need to eat to gain the maximum protection against disease, and premature death. Our results suggest that although five portions of fruits and vegetables is good, ten a day is even better”.

Ten portions leads to a 24% reduction in heart disease, a 33% less chance of stroke, a 28% less chance of cardiovascular disease, a 13% less chance of cancer and a 31% less chance of premature death.
It is recommended that you eat the “rainbow”, or the different colors of veggies and fruits to reduce cholesterol, blood pressure, and boost your immune system. Not all vegetables and fruits are equal. Some fruits and vegetables are better at preventing heart disease and stroke while green veggies are better at reducing the chance of cancer.

Following are examples of the recommended size of a portion of fruits and vegetables: one apple, one pear, one glass of orange juice, one tomato, one banana, three tablespoons of peas, and two broccoli spears.

Now that you know why eating fruits and vegetables is important, keep this in mind the next time you are preparing a meal or reaching for a snack. Load up your dinner plate with vegetables and be sure to keep plenty of fruit on hand! Be sure to talk to our trainers for the best ways to load up on fruits and veggies during your next Champion workout! Sign up for your next class today!

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