Why Warm Up Before Exercise?

Why Warm Up Before Exercise?

Why warm up before exercise? Here are ten reasons to warm up before your workout:

  1. It helps you mentally prepare for the workout ahead;
  2. The increased blood flow to your muscles and connective tissues will increase their elasticity, leading to better performance and helping reduce the chances of injury;
  3. Raises your body temperature, reducing the chances of injury to your muscles and connective tissues;
  4. Your muscles are supplied with more oxygen through the process of oxyhemoglobin which is the form in which oxygen is transported to the blood supply;
  5. Nutrients are delivered to your muscles through increased blood flow allowing for energy production and warming  your muscles preparing  them for the coming workout;
  6. Your risk of cardiac injury related to exercise is reduced;
  7. Your muscle control improves through the transmission of nerve impulses;
  8. The amount of heat stored in your body is reduced through perspiration, which is helpful because your body expends more energy cooling itself than through any other activity.
  9. Prepares your cardio system for the increased demand of blood and oxygen that is coming;
  10. You will experience less pain during your workout if your body is prepared for it.

A proper warmup should take five to ten minutes and the more intense the workout, the more important the warmup! Now that you know why to warm up before exercise, schedule your class with Champion today and ask our coaches for the best warmups to do!

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