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Why I Joined Champion Boxing

“Sometimes you have so much frustration during the week and when you come here, and you work out, it’s like you’re so relaxed. So it takes away a lot of those life issues and I love it. I love it.”


Our classes include everything, from the most popular boxing and kickboxing classes, to self-defense and jiu jitsu specialities. Classes range from our youth programs, which is designed for ages 8-12, all the way up to our Rock Steady programs, an effective form of physical exercise for people who are living with Parkinson’s. Visit our boxing gym located in Rockville, MD, today!



Interested in Working With Us?

Boxing/Kickboxing Instructor

Are you a boxing/kickboxing instructor who likes to work with a variety of ages, abilities, and personalities? We are looking for a few experienced instructors to conduct afternoon boxing and fitness classes. If interested in this position, please contact Andy at Andy@ChampionBoxingFitness.com

“The best part of my day starts when I walk through the doors of Champion. I actually started working out at Champion because I was horribly bored with the same old gym scene that I could barely tolerate the thought of one more mind-numbing workout. I can’t wait for that day’s boxing fitness class or private lessons with one of their competitive fighters. I’ve lost 30 pounds since joining, because having a workout that’s challenging and enjoyable makes all the difference!”

Angie S.
Angie S.
“Since joining Champion in 2012 I have increased my stamina, lost and kept off about 12 pounds and made friendships I wouldn’t trade for the world. The classes push you harder than you would push yourself in a regular chain gym but they’re kept intimate enough that the instructors work with you one-on-one and know and greet most of the regulars by name. The results cannot be argued with. I’m a member for life.”

“It’s been 2.5 years now since I was desperately searching for the perfect place where I could continue with my boxing classes and be part of an elite fitness program that would not only meet my needs but also challenge me to push beyond my physical and mental limits. My search ended when I entered Champion Boxing & Fitness. Champion has a friendly, inviting, and familial atmosphere; staff always have a smile and are ready to assist you in any way; the instructors are experts – each offering a different style and unique flair to their classes; the schedule caters to everyone; the facility is clean, well-equipped, and an exciting place to be; additional programs are available for those who want to take boxing and fitness to another level.”


“BEST GYM EVER! I’ve lost 40lbs in a year. You can’t get a better cardio workout in an hour, then the fitness classes at Champion.”

Matthew C.
Matthew C.


CHAMPION BOXING & FITNESS is a locally owned and operated fitness club and boxing gym in Rockville, Maryland. We offer a total conditioning system that is designed for those who expect to be pushed harder than what your typical everyday gym offers.


  • Largest boxing/fitness gym in the area
  • 6 ½ feet between heavy bags (30 heavy bags)
  • Classes/workouts included
  • Train with WBA Champion, William Joppy
  • Burn up to 1,000 calories per 1-hour class
  • Rubber mat flooring for a more sanitary workout

  • MMA Cage
  • Convenient location with plenty of parking
  • Personal attention and training
  • Facility professionally cleaned daily
  • No experience necessary – beginner friendly

Champion Boxing & Fitness, Rockville
11540 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852
Tel: 301-255-0011